second challenge and new wave of donations

The second action: the worldwide sporting Holiday Challenge in rowing


Every year, between the American Thanksgiving and the Christmas season, the rowing manufacturer Concept2 runs a worldwide challenge to row a total of 200km these days. We want to accept this challenge, give free run to our sore muscles and be proud in the end to have burned some calories and to crack the quite hard target. At the same time we want to use this time to collect more donations for our donors.


Our first charity action was fantastic. You are fantastic. Because we have exceeded our target within two months. Thank you very much. Our next recipients will also be children, so be curious about every kilometre rowed, every bubble on your hands and support us in our last campaign in 2018.

The contributions can start with 1 cent, the current average at this wave is 17,60€.

Donation account:


Bank: IBAN: GB92REVO00997019457202


Instagram: @spartandonate

Holiday Challenge:

a hard challenge with upleveling mindset
second challenge for our next donation wave

Charity TShirt @Columbusmarathon

The first action: our Charity-TShirt for the Columbus Marathon in Ohio on 21.10.2018

We are five selected athletes who are allowed to take part in the charity run in Columbus for the city of Dresden.
For this purpose we have launched a T-shirt campaign to further underline and feed the charity idea!
There are altogether 10 personally printed and individual T-Shirts which we assign from 50€ / 50$ to the highest bidder.
Printed by yourself? That’s right. On the front and back are the logos of the streets of Dresden and Columbus printed,
on which we move our jogging shoes along. We have put all our artistic talent together
and the city manhole cover on the T-shirt.

After the marathon in Columbus we want to auction the T-shirts to the highest bidder. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Nationwide Hospital for Childrens in Columbus and to Sonnenstrahl eV in Dresden.
The bid starts at 50€ or 50 US $.

TShirt campaign for charity
TShirt campaign for charity

Look at:

Spartan donate @ Instagram

Marathon in Columbus (Ohio)

Nationwide Childrens Hospital Columbus

Sonnenstrahl e.V. Dresden

TShirt campaign for charitycampaign-TShirt in front of the bean in Chicago

TShirt campaign for charity
our campaign-TShirt at final step