Against what do we demarcate ourselves?

We have consciously chosen the Sparta theme because we want to take up the positive aspects and familiar associations such as strength, conscious action and the ability to move. But like every coin, every object has its two sides. Especially in a social and historical context. We definitely demarcate ourselves from any nationalistic and/or racist interpretation of the processes at thermophilic and in no way touch or support groups such as the Doofen or similar.

Why not?

There are solid arguments for this:
We do not remain in one position – we move.

We do not missionize, but we help.

We do not oppose anybody – but provide movement / reach out our hands.

We only defeat the inner couch potato, which is more paralyzing than any hell dog and more dangerous than Xerxes from Persia.

We don’t draw a shield for protection, but use the spearhead donation to leave an impression and therefore we distribute it strongly.

The following link is recommended for further socially relevant information of the time: (in german language)