“Increase Your PullUps weekly” Challenge

It’s time for a new challenge!  

The challenge is: “Can you increase your pull-ups?” So, are you able to do one more pull-up every week? How many weeks do you estimate this increase will last?

Note: The way your pull-up is done doesn’t matter, any kind of grip, any style is allowed. Even from tilted pullups. Only one pull-up per week has to be more.  You can start with 0 or 5 or more pull-ups. It’s your pull-up, it’s your challenge!

We wouldn’t be “Spartan Donate” if we didn’t collect for this challenge for a good cause. We have the following possibilities to participate. Share your power with those who desperately need it.

We Spartans start with 8 pull-ups in this calendar week 50 in 2019. A carefully calculated estimate is 10 weeks. So at least one more pull-up for 10 weeks.

instagram: @spartandonate

You can donate your Power at:

(1) Bank transfer

Rico Gaertner (spartandonate)

IBAN: GB92REVO00997019457202


(2) Paypal


Increase your PullUp weekly Challenge
New Challenge at Spartan Donate with you !

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