Life is faster than internet

Life is faster than internet // Daniel`s trails at GeorgiaLoop and in Alabama and our online report at the end of May

Provocative question with a wink: Is the internet the future?

At the end of April 2020 and May 2020 we have to establish, that your support und your response to Daniels Call is much faster and stronger than the media coverage and reporting.

various assumptions to this fact:

(a) Living in the lived reality is better than any posting.

(b) It’s the hard facts that count in life.

(c)We humans are the ones who change the world. Our actions and our doing decides what happens.

(d) You do things. You move. You’re helping. Not the selfie.

(e) You guys rock.

Trail at the GeorgiaLoop

Picture made by our good artist JULIAN aka JFK

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