Transparency is very important to us.

We want to know for ourselves what happens how and where, especially when I donate or give my energy somewhere.

You can follow us on instagram and here on the net, you can also send us e-mails and ask questions at any time.

Our FAQs are also constantly updated and adapted, and we don’t want any questions to remain unanswered. We want to give you the right answer.

You should see that spartan donate works morally healthy and does everything to fulfill the values we have.

We would like to show you that our energy lands precisely and that we use your trust and energy to convey strength and hope to our donors.

We are still a young organization, but we strive for the rules of international transparency.

Transparency International:

We are proud of you.
example: our first donation received sonnenstrahl ev in Dresden. Photo: rights&property of Claudia Trache (